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    Take your music with you on the plane, in the car or to the gym.

  • Whether user or still within trial period: your music is on, no matter where you are.

simfy africa app for BlackBerry

  • Search & find music

    Over 36 million songs Search, Find, Listen

  • Music - even without an
    internet connection

    Your songs, always and
    everywhere, even offline.

  • Music for every situation

    Listen to your playlists and
    create new ones on the go.

Download information

The simfy africa app is available for download directly from the South African BlackBerry app World


  1. BlackBerry OS version 5, 6 or 7.
  2. SD memory card is inserted
  3. Correct APN settings for your mobile (please contact our call centre or your mobile network operator for further information)
  • Please note
  • If your BlackBerry is not ready for 3G we suggest using offline playlists.
  • If the player is disconnected during streaming it will skip to the next song in the queue.
  • After modifying any playlists, a manual refresh might be necessary.

Questions & Answers

simfy africa is the modern way of listening to music. We will open up a unique world of music to you. As there are naturally many questions to ask about such a new product, we have answered the most frequent for you here:

1. Can I download music?

simfy africa makes it easier for you: you can access more than 36 million songs via streaming, without any waiting time and memory requirements. Of course, simfy africa also works without an Internet connection: with simfy africa All Access you can simply download an unlimited number of songs onto your PC, Mac or Smartphone.

2. How can I use simfy africa and on which devices can I use it?

With our simfy africa Web Player, you can hear the full simfy africa music catalogue directly in almost any browser. Simply sign in to your simfy africa account at www.simfy.de and you'll have access to more than 36 million songs at any time or in any place. If you would like more convenience when managing, discovering or playing your music, we recommend our simfy africa Desktop Player for PC or Mac. This is full to the brim with great features, such as free downloads. For music in your pocket, there are simfy africa apps for your iPhone/iPod touch, Android or BlackBerry!

3. Can I use simfy africa everywhere?

With All Access, you're on the safe side. This means that you can use simfy africa on the go on your Smartphone. simfy africa is currently available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. With simfy africa All Access, you can even listen to your offline playlists abroad.

4. Is simfy africa 100% legal?

Yes! We cooperate with right holders, record companies and collecting societies. The music is delivered to us directly by the record companies. You won't find music fakes at simfy africa. This is because music fans today appreciate fairness and legality as much as we do.

5. Is my data safe?

Of course! We protect your data as though our lives depended on it and observe all current privacy policy regulations. Of course, we do not pass your data on to third parties. You can find our detailed privacy policy here.

Further questions? Take a look at our FAQs.


Your idea for simfy africa!

Do you have any ideas on how to improve simfy africa? Do you feel like our service is missing anything? We appreciate your comments in our feedback forum. Post your ideas Evaluate other ideas Play an active role in the development of simfy africa The best ideas are added to our development process We look forward to receiving your feedback! Go to the forum

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